Post Operative Exercises

Exercises and rehabilitation information for patients undergoing an operation

We understand the importance of patient’s awareness regarding the surgery process he /she will underwent through. It is equally important to work with physiotherapist after the operation to achieve expectation. Therefore, we have compiled some information regarding each and every surgery we offer as well as post operative exercise protocols.

Bankart Repair Protocol

The procedure usually takes approximately one hour but the preoperative preparation and the postoperative recovery may add several hours to this time.

Biceps Tenodesis Protocol

Recovery from biceps tenodesis is a long process. It involves rest, wearing a sling, and physical therapy.

Capsular Release Protocol

Most people are comfortable by six weeks after surgery. Most people feel able to return to light work (that does involve heavy lifting) around two to four weeks after.

Distal Biceps Repair Protocol

Rehab usually lasts for 2 months. It takes about 3 to 4 months for your biceps muscle to heal.

Laterjet Protocol

Click the link below to see Cheshire arm Clinic’s guide to recovery following laterjet surgery.

Radial Head Replacement Protocol

Radial head replacement is considered only in Type III fractures for which anatomic reduction and stable internal fixation allowing early mobilisation would be difficult or impossible.

Reverse Shoulder Replacement Protocol

In a reverse shoulder replacement, the normal ball-and-socket structure is reversed. An artificial ball is attached to the shoulderblade.

Rotator Cuff Repair Protocol

Surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff most often involves re-attaching the tendon to the head of humerus (upper arm bone).

SLAP Protocol

The recovery depends upon many factors, such as where the tear was located, how severe it was and how good the surgical repair was.

Subacromial Decompression Protocol

It usually takes up to four months to make a full recovery after a subacromial decompression procedure.

Tennis/Golfer’s Elbow Release Protocol

Please see the link below to an article outlining the best recovery practises for Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow Release.